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Important Information
Virtual Dental Care Now Available

Important information should your employees need urgent dental care.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently issued guidance to dentists and patients recommending routine dental care be delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Cigna Dental understands the unexpected can happen, and customers may still need to access care for urgent needs such as an infection, pain or guidance on how to address a dental problem.

A new option for care.

To assist your employees during the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine period, we’ve launched Cigna Dental Virtual Care, powered by The TeleDentists®.

This service allows customers to speak with a licensed dentist by video chat which eliminates the need to leave home and visit a dental office. Through May 31, 2020, Cigna Dental customers can use this virtual care option at no cost for dental consultations.

What types of services does Cigna Dental Virtual Care provide?

The service is designed to help customers meet with a licensed dentist who, through a video call, can help address urgent dental situations such as pain, infection, swelling, and more. Depending on a customer’s situation, the dentist can also prescribe medications such as antibiotics and non-narcotic pain relievers.

The nature of this type of care delivery precludes dentists from performing more involved procedures, but if such care is needed, the consulting dentist can assist in determining next steps.

What does it cost and how are claims processed?

Cigna is absorbing the cost for consultations with The TeleDentists for dental customers through May 31, 2020. Out-of-pocket pharmacy costs may apply for customers who are prescribed medication.

These services will not apply to plan maximums, and frequency limitations will not apply. Because Cigna has pre-purchased consultations with The TeleDentists, no claims will be filed, and Administrative Services Only clients will incur no additional costs for these consultations when their employees use Cigna Dental Virtual Care through May 31, 2020.

How do my employees access Cigna Dental Virtual Care?

To request a virtual consultation with a dentist, employees must log on to their myCigna account and follow prompts to be taken to the Cigna Dental Virtual Care portal. Accessing the virtual care portal via myCigna is the only way The TeleDentists can identify eligible customers.

Do my employees have to pay in advance for the service? The TeleDentists website says a credit card is required.

No. When your employees access Cigna Dental Virtual Care via their myCigna account, they are taken to a customized landing page built for Cigna Dental customers. They will have to create an account on The TeleDentists website, and provide basic health and contact information, but they will not have to enter any method of payment.

Is this service going to be available after May 31, 2020?

Yes, however after May 31, 2020, applicable out-of-pocket costs, annual maximums and frequency limitations will apply depending on a customer’s plan design.

How are you communicating this information to my employees?

Information on this new virtual solution is being disseminated in a variety of ways.

  • and will have information about virtual care for dental customers.
  • We’ve created a customer flyer that you can share with employees to let them know about this care option.
  • For customers with an email who have opted to receive communications from us, we will send information about Cigna Dental Virtual Care in the coming weeks.

We are here to help our clients and our customers access the care they need during this unprecedented situation. Should you have questions about Cigna Dental Virtual Care, please contact your Cigna representative.
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