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Protect your customers from surprise COVID-19 bills
Introducing cigna’s covid-19 customer protection program

Protecting customers from surprise balance bills related to COVID-19.

Cigna is committed to protecting our customers during this national emergency. One way we’re doing this is to proactively monitor out-of-network claims by providers who may be charging unreasonable and excessive rates for COVID-19-related testing, diagnostic screening and treatment.

Through Cigna’s new COVID-19 Customer Protection Program, we have put additional support and resources in place to ensure our customers can confidently focus on recovery and not worry about the balance billing practices of some providers.

All COVID-19 testing, diagnosis and treatment claims through May 31, 2020 are covered by this program for our U.S. customers.

Information about our COVID-19 Customer Protection Program is being sent to all Cigna fully insured clients and ASO clients who are waiving out-of-pocket costs for their employees.

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If you have any questions, please contact your Cigna representative.

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